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Living Sculpture Trees™

Plant trees the way Mother Nature intended!
Better than bare root!
Better than potted!
Better than B & B!

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Lilac tree roots after growth in a gravel bed

Arborists and tree lovers know that potted and B & B trees often hide root defects that could be corrected if we could only see them. It’s time to stop planting trees that have potentially lethal root defects (LRD) right out of the pot or root ball!

Planting trees too deep is still the biggest problem trees must deal with and leads to stem-girdling roots and premature death. With Living Sculpture Trees™ you can see the roots so there is no question about root quality and no guesswork for planting depth.

Living Sculpture's gravel bed trees arrive at your site ready to perform without the transplant shock we have come to expect from any other tree production method.

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Gravel Bed

Living Sculpture Trees™ are grown in a gravel bed to promote superior root growth.

Living Sculpture Trees™

Here are some examples of the trees that have thrived in the gravel bed:

How to plant a Living Sculpture Tree™

  1. Dig a shallower, wider hole. Use a rototiller if you want.
  2. Pick up tree and gently place tree in hole.
  3. Install 1⁄2 of excavated soil, straighten tree, check planting depth and water to settle soil.
  4. Install remaining soil, shape the soil into a ring for watering, apply a donut of mulch, and water.

Lethal Root Defects

The following trees were NOT grown in gravel beds and show signs of lethal root defects (LRD).