Living Sculpture Tree & Shrub Care, Inc
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Project Gallery

Here are a few examples of select projects since our beginnings in 1990. Browse some photos in these categories to get ideas on what we can do for you.

waterfall icon Water Features

The possibilities are endless. Go no further than your own yard to hear the calming sounds of moving water.

Lake shore icon Shoreline Restoration

The area between a pond or lake and dry land provides not only a visual transition but also serves an important ecological purpose. Encouraging native plants in the "space between" helps prevent erosion and keep chemicals and excess nutrients out of the water.

  A restoration project, 2012

Rain Garden icon RainGardens

RainGardens are perfect for capturing rain and pollutants in a naturally beautiful setting. Native plants adapted to damp conditions thrive in RainGardens and help water percolate into the soil.

Living Sculpture is a Blue Thumb MN partner.

Animal crossing sign icon Animals

Birds and other animals are naturally attracted to moving water.